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This issue features an article by Gloria Martinez

Running a business is hard work for anyone, but for women, it can feel like a massive undertaking. Women are often paid less than men to do the same jobs, and they must overcome biased thinking, sexual harassment, and unfair expectations in order to achieve success, and all while raising families and taking care of dozens of other responsibilities everyday.

Still, more and more women are making their way up the corporate ladders to become leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs, meaning it’s that much more important for them to learn how to juggle all the things their lives hold. Getting organized is the first step, along with creating a supportive circle of friends and family who can help out when things get overwhelming.

Here are a few of the best tips on how to juggle a busy work schedule with a busy life.

Set ground rules

As a working parent, you rely on your kids and partner to help make things go smoothly at home; after all, you can’t do everything alone! It’s imperative that you set some ground rules when it comes to what everyone can and can’t do and what is expected of them. Create a chore list of simple tasks your kids can perform to keep the household running while you’re at work; this way, they’ll learn about responsibility and you won’t have messes in every room when you get home.

Get organized

No one can expect to be successful–in business or in life–by being disorganized. Keeping track of your schedule and staying on top of your responsibilities will help prevent anxiety and stress, which will keep your mental and physical health in check. Invest in a good planner, and buy a magnetized calendar for the fridge where you can write down all the events and commitments that are coming up. This will also help your family stay on the same page and will prevent misunderstandings and missed events.

Separate work and family

Making a point to keep your work and home life separate will help you leave stress at the door when you arrive home after a long day. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t answer emails or phone calls (other than for emergencies, of course) from work once you get home, and make an effort to banish all personal activities while you’re at the office. Not only will this help you spend more quality time with your family and reduce stress, it will allow you to stay focused at work.

Recognize your own strengths

As a woman in business, it’s imperative that you learn to recognize your own strengths and how to play them up. Plexus offers a list of personality traits of business owners, which may be worth a quick read to see if you’ll fit the bill. It takes a lot of tenacity and an ability to take risks and solve problems in order to be a success, but it can be all too easy to dismiss those qualities in ourselves and let self-doubt creep in. Ignore that doubt and recognize that you’ve made it this far of your own accord. Don’t let your own worries keep you from your goals.

Learning how to juggle success in business and success in your personal life is almost never easy, but starting with a good plan is essential. Talk to your family about all the ways they can help out around the house and create structure so that everything runs smoothly while you’re busiest. Get organized in all aspects of your life; declutter, make each room more accessible, and learn to rely on teamwork so that all the responsibility doesn’t fall on your shoulders all the time.

About the author

Gloria Martinez started WomenLed.org to celebrate the advancements women have made and inspire women to become entrepreneurs and seek promotions in the workplace.

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