The primary purpose of premarital counseling is to provide you and your partner the chance to effectively communicate, build trust, and improve the skills needed in order to build a strong foundation for your marriage. Premarital counseling gives you the opportunity to openly address key topics that are important to discuss prior to the lifelong commitment you and your partner are about to make. Research shows that pre-marriage counseling provides many benefits to preventing divorce. Here are some benefits of why you and your partner should consider premarital counseling.

Improves Communication

Attending premarital counseling will significantly improve yours and your partner’s communication skills by having a licensed counselor with the proper training and skill sets to help guide you and your partner on ways to better-understand each other. This also helps couples gain compassion and communication skills that they can use in the future when tough situations or conversations arise in their relationship.

Helps Future Planning

Not only does seeing a premarital counselor help you and your partner communicate better, it can also help you both plan for the future by actively having conversations regarding your life together. Your counselor can help you and your partner set specific goals for your future such as financial goals, family planning goals, relationship goals, career goals, or even ways to help each other accomplish those goals. Premarital counseling is a great opportunity for you and your partner to openly discuss those future plans as well as set expectations for life after marriage.

Provides the Chance to Address Issues and Concerns

Pre-marriage counseling also provides you and your partner the chance to address issues and concerns you both may have. Having a trained counselor present can also serve as a neutral party to ensure both you and your partner are equally heard and understood. Expressing any concerns to your partner and your premarital counselor allows you both to confront and resolve issues early on before it’s too late. Premarital counseling also sets the framework for how to properly address other issues in your relationship that might come up in the future.

Lowers Chances of Separation

Studies have shown that couples who attended pre-marriage counseling have a lower chance of divorce than couples who did not. It makes perfect sense considering how premarital counseling gives you and your partner the skills to effectively communicate and understand each other when the going gets tough. It also forces you and your partner to have those hard conversations as well as resolve any issues that are present in your relationship before tying the knot and making a lifelong commitment. Premarital counseling also allows you to get a deeper insight into whether your partner is on the same page as you on important matters such as money, kids, etc. 

Consider pre-marriage counseling as an investment in yourself and your lifelong relationship with your partner. There is no better way to building a strong foundation for your marriage than by effectively communicating and understanding each other.

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