Wheel Of Life Exercise

  • The wheel of life exercise is a straight forward and easy way to determine how satisfied a person is with different areas of their life. Feel free to change or re-name the categories to represent your own life.

  • Staffing from the center of the wheel[0], move out towards the onter edge of the wheel[10] to rate your level of satisfaction in each of the areas. Zero means the least satisfied.

  • After rating each of the areas, connect the lines to form an inner wheel

  • Now take a look at the differences between the separate areas that make up your life – you now have an a graphical illustration and general overview of balance[or imbalance] that exist in your life
    Pay special attention to any imbalance(s) that your wheel reveals in your life…
  • what will you do to improve the areas that you did not rates as being very satisfied?

  • When will you begin to work on these areas?

  • What are some realistic timeframes to get started and achieve these objectives?

  • How will you [or others] know that you are working on these and have achieved  the results you desire?

If you put your wheel on your car – how smooth of a ride would it be?