Are you in need of quality mental health care, but have a high deductible, or no behavioral healthcare coverage?

Palmetto is pleased to provide options for affordable mental health treatment.

Pre-Paid Packages – price Value Comparison

Single Savings Two Savings Three Savings Four Savings
Individual $85 $0 $160 $10 $235 $20 $300 $40
Family or Couples $85 $0 $160 $10 $235 $20 $300 $40
Group $40 $0 $75 $5 $105 $15 $130 $30

Benefits of *Pre-Paid Packages

Affordable: individual, Family, or Couples Session – $85 / session
Group Session – $40/ session

Cost Saving Options: Package of 1, 2, 3 or 4
(Save up to $30 – $40)

Provides Highest Degree of Privacy / Confidentiality
(No 3rd party payor involved as no insurance claim filed)

No Membership fees or Monthly Subscription Plan

*Pre-Paid package prices valid for treatment with provisional Licensed Therapists only. Provisionally licensed clinicians are unable to bill and participate with private commercial and 3rd party-payar insurance networks. Subsequently, no insurance claim can be filed as all services are considered ‘fee for service’ in which client will be responsible for full payment at the time services are delivered.