How Can we Help Advocate for Suicide Prevention and Support Each Other’s Mental Health?

Suicide is not a topic that most people want to talk about or one that comes up naturally in conversation. Bridging the topic can be awkward. While the topic of mental health is now a more common one than it used to be, there are still topics that feel taboo and off-limits. That’s why Palmetto is proud to promote September as Suicide Prevention Month. This is a month to share information, resources and most importantly, support.


If you believe someone needs help, we encourage you to follow the ACE (Ask, Care, Escort) suicide prevention model, with these easy-to-remember steps:

Ask – Ask, “Are you thinking of killing yourself?” Although it may feel uncomfortable, research shows that people who experience thoughts of suicide feel relief when someone asks them in a caring way.

Care – Show you care. The context of caring makes it a lot easier to ask the hard questions about suicide. By actively listening and engaging, without judgment, you are showing that you care – this might just be enough to help the person feel relief and that they are not alone.

Escort – When someone acknowledges that they are feeling suicidal or hopeless, care enough to connect them to the nearest helping resource. Do not leave them alone! If possible, separate them from methods of harm.*

This topic is never easy to discuss with your loved ones, but it is essential. Starting the conversation can be the beginning of saving a life, and that is what we value most at Palmetto Counseling.

To continue support for you and your loved ones