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Marriage/Couples Counseling

Marriage / Couples Counseling: As part of our services, Palmetto Counseling offers Marriage / Couples Counseling, to help provide couples the tools necessary to improve communication, manage conflict, and enhance understanding to have a happier, more fulfilling relationship. If your marriage or relationship is in trouble, do not wait to seek professional help. Too often, couples wait until their relationship problems reach the critical stage before seeking help, which can lead to the end of the relationship.

Although there are costs involved, Marriage or Couples Counseling is far less expensive than the average cost of a divorce. According to Bankrate (2012), “the average cost of a divorce is $20,000. Various factors can nudge that upward or cut it down to size.”

Important Note: Marriage / Couples Counseling is considered non-medical/non-clinical and is not covered by major insurance plans.

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    Issues for Couples/Marraige Counseling

    • Has there been frequent or continual arguing with your partner or spouse?
    • Do you feel that your relationship has suffered due to a pattern of angry projection of responsibility or constant blame from your partner?
    • Has tension and conflict led to escalating incidents of yelling, arguing, cursing, or verbal abuse?
    • Have you or your spouse been engaged in multiple intimate relationships at the same time?
    • Has lack of intimacy and affection led to feelings of being distant, alienated, or alone in the relationship?
    • Is intense or on-going conflict due to a disagreement of parenting styles or remarriage of one or both parents?
    • Have your relationship problems escalated to the point that separation or divorce seems inevitable?
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    Pre-Paid Couples/Marriage Counseling Packages

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