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Chronic stress and anxiety are quite rampant in today’s societies. That’s usually because of the type of lives and lifestyles that we choose to lead. As such, the symptoms that come with the condition are quite apparent. Some of these include chest pains, a racing heart, nervousness, agitation, and tension among others. In fact, the numbers show that more than 18 percent of adults in the US are affected by anxiety disorders annually. Trying out holistic ways to take care of the problem is usually the simplest way to make sure that you get back to normal while avoiding medication with potentially negative side effects. Here are a few holistic approaches to improve your anxiety.

Taking care of the body

The body and mind share a very special relationship. When you take care of your body, your mind also goes to a good place. However, in a state of anxiety, this connection becomes even more apparent. In most of these cases, we find that we experience shallowness of breath, a racing heart, a dry mouth among other signs. These are usually tell-tale signs that something is not right. However, we can eliminate this by taking care of our bodies; as such, making the proper lifestyle changes is important. That means quitting some lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and reducing the intake of alcohol and caffeine significantly.

Essential oils

Essential oils are not a widely known solution for reducing anxiety. However, they are highly effective and according to some studies, just as potent as some of the medication manufactured to handle these sorts of situations such as benzodiazepine. For instance, lavender oil has been known to be quite effective against anxiety. Inhaling it or using it topically induces a calming feeling and helps to elevate the symptoms of anxiety such as muscle pain, nervousness, and calmness. All you have to do is use about three droplets of the oil and rub it into the neck, temples and wrists for greater absorption.


One of the more underestimated solutions for curing an anxiety is taking a nice long nap. Sleeplessness is a condition that tends to exacerbate anticipatory anxiety. As such, you find that when you don’t get enough sleep, your mind becomes an easier target to fall into anxiety. When you get about 7-9 hours of continuous sleep every day, your hormones tend to become more balanced on their own – sometimes so much so that you don’t need any medications to do so.  This way, you stay away from mood swings, mental and physical fatigue and have a more balanced outlook on life.

It’s not set in stone that people should always run to medications for every single problem. In fact, trying out the holistic ways of dealing with issues such as anxiety is better because unlike some medications, holistic solutions don’t have nasty side effects. What’s more, you can always try a couple of them and see what works best for you when you feel that you are at a tipping point.

About the author

Krista Harper is a local yoga instructor and freelance writer from Southern California. She writes on lifestyle, beauty, and health topics, and has a passion for helping others create balance in their lives.

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