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What are Psychiatric Services?

Psychiatry is an area of medicine that involves the studying, diagnosing, and treating of mental health disorders. Common mental health disorders include depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Psychiatric services can be provided to individuals, groups, or families under the supervision of a licensed psychiatrist or licensed psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP). Psychiatrists or PMHNPs are primarily responsible for the medical and clinical evaluation, diagnosis, formulating treatment plan (which may include prescribing psychotropic medication), offering brief psychotherapy when necessary, and providing ongoing medication management services to help manage psychiatric conditions that interfere with a patient’s quality of life. In addition, psychiatrists and PMHNP have the professional and clinical background to diagnose and/or treat other mental and social problems a patient may face on a daily basis.

Psychiatric Services from Palmetto Counselling


Psychiatric Services: Palmetto Counseling is proud to offer psychiatric services to individuals, groups, or families provided by Rebecca Merli, PMHNP-BC.

What Are The Benefits of A Wholistic, Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Model?

One of the biggest challenges behavioral healthcare providers, outpatient specialists, and primary care practices experience is the difficulty in being able to closely coordinate care on behalf of their clients/patients. Coordination of care is an essential component of treatment that requires frequent and consistent communication among physicians, therapists, specialists, and psychiatric providers treating the patient – which can be a challenge while they are busy treating other patients.

This can be especially difficult if a patient is being treated by multiple providers who work in different practices, networks, or locations. In these instances, coordination of care is usually in the form of sharing or faxing progress notes, assessments, reports, labs, discharge summaries, etc. between the many providers.

In these instances, the ability to communicate directly, immediately, and in real-time 1:1 among the providers is severely limited to due to specialist’s conflicting schedules. Subsequently, providers rely on sharing documentation after the fact [which can take days, weeks or longer] before the next provider receives an update on their patient’s status.

By providing on-site psychiatric services, Palmetto is now able to offer our patients a wholistic and integrated mental health care model. As an integrative behavioral healthcare provider, Palmetto’s team of medical/psychiatric staff and mental health therapists will closely work together to engage in frequent communication, onsite consultation, and ongoing evaluation of patient’s health to provide treatment in a more thorough and comprehensive manner.

Utilizing a wholistic and integrated team approach, Palmetto will combine the skills, knowledge, and expertise of members of our clinical team to develop a more in-depth, thorough, and comprehensive treatment plan. In doing so, Palmetto’s team will be able to provide better care and treatment for patients to enhance their overall quality of life.

This model allows Palmetto’s team to provide ongoing consultation and close coordination of care between the Prescriber and Therapist while working together on behalf of the client/patient – all in one location.

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